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Digital print

Digital print is ideal for shorter runs, larger formats and printing onto unusual surfaces.

Need a small print quantity – or even just a one-off? Or only a few samples, or a mock-up? Maybe youʼve lots of variations or need a fast turnaround and want the print back the same day. Do you need to print directly onto an unusual surface? Weʼre here to solve your problem with our superb digital print services, turning your job around quickly and cheaply with the support of our ridiculously helpful team.

Digital print is ideal for banners, retail POS and signage, display boards and large posters, as well as smaller runs of conventional items such as brochures, labels and business stationery.

Litho printing
Digital labels

What can we print onto?

You name it, we can probably print onto it – and if we haven’t tried printing onto something before, we’ll certainly have a good go at it. We already know our digital presses will easily handle vinyl, metal, posterboard, correx, plastic, wood, glass, fabric, acrylic and more, as well as the more conventional paper, card and sticky labels. And we can print onto some pretty chunky stuff, too: up to 35mm thick.


Need personalised digital print?

We’re experienced handlers of variable data, so we produce beautifully personalised jobs even on short runs. We can manage any and every stage of your entire mail-merge job, from design through to fulfilment.

Mimaki - large format digital prints

Our digital presses

We have both sheet-fed and web presses, which means we can print onto flexible and rigid media as well as rolls of any length:

  • Large-format digital printer for up to 42” wide (1.06m)
  • Wide-format digital printer with on-board cutting for banners, vinyl and rigid media up to 8’ x 3’ (2.4m x 900m)
  • SRA3+ sheet-fed digital printer for up to 12.6” x 18.1” (320mm x 460mm).

See our full equipment list.

digital banner

We do all the rest, too

If you need design beforehand, or anything else afterwards (like laminating, folding or drilling), we’ll take care of it. If you need things attaching to other things by hand, or collating into sets, or distributing around the country or the world, just say the word and we’re on it.

Read more about our print finishing, fulfilment and logistics services.

And since we keep everything forever, you can re-run any print job again, even years later!